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Beetroot juice

Posted on: 29th September 2016

Is it good for blood pressure?

A glass of beetroot juice every day improves your blood pressure, even if you’re elderly and you’ve already suffered heart failure. The juice, rich in inorganic nitrates, also improves your endurance for aerobic exercise.


How much should I drink?

Drinking around 2.4 ounces of juice, which contains 6 millimoles of inorganic nitrate, every day improved aerobic endurance by 24 per cent after just one week, and reduced systolic blood pressure by 5 to 10 mmHg.


Source – JACC: Heart Failure, 2016



Posted on: 21st August 2015

Why broccoli sprouts help autism

Some of the worst behavioural patterns of autism can be minimised by eating broccoli sprouts. The chemical, sulforaphane, found in vegetables, helps autistic children to interact better, and improves verbal skills.

The research, tested a small group of forty, between the ages of thirteen and twenty seven, and found substantial improvements.

Source – PNAS October 13 2014