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Mediterranean diet with oils best way to prevent breast cancer

Posted on: 22nd July 2016

How can it help?

Eating a Mediterranean diet that’s rich in olive oil is the surest way to prevent breast cancer. Women who follow the oil rich diet reduce their risk of developing the disease by around 30 per cent compared to those who follow a low fat diet.


In a research study involving 4,282 women aged 60 to 80 years, some were put on a diet with extra-virgin olive oil added , others with nuts added, and the rest were put on a low fat diet. All the groups were followed for nearly five years, during which time 35 of the women developed breast cancer.

But for every woman in the olive oil group who developed the disease, 1.8 in the nuts group contracted cancer, and this rose to 2.9 in the low-fats group.

Source – JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015med food oil


Posted on: 29th June 2016

Could it be a nutritional deficiency?

Researchers think that the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and nuts, is one of the best ways of preventing the problem.

Can I help myself?

They have noted that those who eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, and omega 3 fatty acids from fish, are less likely to suffer from depression.

Researchers from the University of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands tracked the health and diets of 15,093 participants over a 10 year period.

Source – BMC Medicine, 2015